1) Seeds of STEM: A Problem Solving Curriculum for Pre-K Classrooms, Massachusetts STEM Summit 2016  Link  PDF

2) Seeds of STEM: Priming Preschoolers to enter the Engineering Pipeline through Problem-Solving, Massachusetts STEM Summit 2018 (November 14, 2018) Link

Seeds of STEM in the News:

1) Worcester Telegram & Gazette article about the Seeds of STEM project, August 2016  Link

2) The Daily Herd, July 2016  Link

Peer Reviewed:

1) Sibuma, B., Wunnava, S., John,M., Anggoro, F., & Dubosarsky, M. (2018, March). The impact of an integrated Pre-K STEM Curriculum on teachers’ engineering content knowledge, self-efficacy, and teaching practices. In Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC), 2018 IEEE (pp. 234-237). IEEE. Link

2) John, M.S., Sibuma, B., Wunnava, S., Dubosarsky, M.& Anggoro, F. (2018). An Iterative Participatory Approach to Developing an Early Childhood Problem-based STEM Curriculum. European Journal of STEM Education. (open access)

Book Chapter:

1) Dubosarsky, M., John, M. S., Anggoro, F., Wunnava, S. & Celik, U. (2018). An Innovative STEM Curriculum for Early Childhood Classrooms. In L. English & T. Moore (Eds.) Early Childhood Engineering Research. Springer.


1) Seeds of STEM: Developing Innovative Early Childhood Curriculum. Scientia. Scientia is an online science communication newsletter that profiles projects that fall under a certain theme. URL: (open access)

Professional Development Seminars:

12/15/2015 – What is Engineering? & Engineering Design Process

04/06/2016 – Diversity in Engineering

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